Competition Rules


1 General
1.1 Only paid-up members can compete.
1.2 No more than four entries may be made into any section of any competition unless otherwise stated with the exception of monochrome and colour print heats where only three entries are allowed.
1.3 All entries must bear a title and the author’s name
1.4 Colour Prints and Images heats will have 2 groups: A and B. All other competitions to be a combination of both groups
1.5 All entries winning awards in P/IoY heats will qualify for P/IoY finals.
1.6 Monochrome means of single hue
1.7 Photographs in all competitions except heats must be first time shown, ie not seen in any other Club competition previously.

2 Prints
2.1 All prints should be mounted. Maximum mount size 500 x 400 mm

3 Images
3.1 Images to be presented in jpeg format preferably by e-mail,
3.2 To be sRGB profile.
3.3 Size in pixels maximum: 1920 wide by 1080 high.
3.4 File name must be the image title and not the number of the image

4 Tom Langton Trophy - 6 images on any theme
4.1 Only one entry per member
4.2 The theme must be the title on each image followed by a number in order of projection 1 to 6 (for example: Bird 1, Bird 2, etc)

5 Spectrum Trophy – panel of four prints on any theme, monochrome or colour.
5.1 Theme only must be titled and prints may be numbered in order of display
5.2 No titles on individual prints

6 Centurion Trophy - Black and White print on a theme to be decided each year by the Competition Secretary

7 Christine Trophy - a creative image
7.1 Any subject of your choosing – the limit is your imagination
7.2 Provided final image is the sole photographic work of the author (not clip-art or similar) then anything goes – be as creative as you like.

8 Portrait Trophy - a portrait image
8.1 Entries may be monochrome or colour

9 Murano Trophy - colour Image on a set subject

10 Rufus Cup - monochrome image on a set subject

11 Secundum Artem Trophy – for the best image taken with a mobile phone
11.1 The image must be “as taken”, that is: no cropping and no software adjustments other than re-sizing to meet Rule 3 for Images.

12 President’s Cup - a creative colour print from an original image provided by email or CD.
12.1 Provided that the original image as supplied is recognisable and forms the basis of the final
image, and provided that any additions to the final image are the sole photographic work of
the author (not clip-art or similar) then anything goes – be as creative as you like.
12.2 Winner to supply original image for the following year’s competition

13 The Eric Cox Trophy - the best Audio Visual Sequence
13.1 A sequence of images, which must be set to music. Commentary and sound effects can also be added if desired.
13.2 Entries may be submitted jointly with another member
13.3 Entries must not exceed 12 minutes in length
13.4 Up to two sequences per entrant
13.5 The sequence may ONLY be entered ONCE

14 Poxon Trophy is awarded to the Photographer of the Year, ie the member gaining the greatest number of points in Print and Image heats, Tom Langton, Spectrum, Centurion, Christine and Portrait throughout the season. Points awarded are:
10 for first place
8 for second place
6 for third place
4 for highly commended
2 for commended and
half a point for every entry

15 League Group System will apply to Print and Image heats only
15.1 In order to keep a fair balance in the League Group, the Competition Secretary will decide who, if anyone, should be promoted from Group B to A or relegated from A to B.
15.2 New entrants will be entered into the lower group except where, in the opinion of the Competition Secretary, the high standard of work would be detrimental to the competition within that Group

16 Sachen Trophy is awarded to the member making the most progress since the previous season based principally upon the League Tables at the discretion of the Competition Secretary