Access to the Fosse Coop Camera Club.

The building used by the Fosse Coop Camera Club is particularly accessible for people with impaired mobility.

Entrance to the building is at the corner of the building, West Holme Street and Coventry Street.
There are two slopes/ramps to the entrance either side of the door. This will permit uninterrupted wheelchair access.
Go through the door into the entrance foyer.
The Club meet on the first floor.
The first floor can be reached either by a circular staircase or a wheelchair adapted lift.
Ones who might have impaired mobility’ but not in a wheelchair, can still use the lift. There is a weight limit of a maximum of two persons.
The Club Room (first floor) is on one level where seating accommodation is provided.
Toilets are available on that floor. The entrance is through a door in the bottom left hand corner of the room. There are a few steps to negotiate.
Disabled toilets are also available in the foyer.